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Greeting Adwords Aficionado,

Every day there are around 300 million searches performed in the search engines, and every day millions of dollars is spent online! Adwords allows you to tap that traffic right at the source, to stand there with a sign and direct people to where you want them to go and spend. In the right hands Adwords can be devastatingly effective, in the wrong hands it can just be devastating. That animal bites!

Introducing 'Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain'

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What if you could apply more than 95% of the people out there using Adwords right now? Would that help you to make some serious money online? Would that help you to destroy your competition?

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to pay much less and get a lot more from each keyword because you know how to get a great quality score, imagine the thrill of being able to walk in and start taking your competition's traffic and their sales right out from under them!

This product was created to cut through all the usual hype and 'smoke and mirrors' out there that try and sell you a $997 course on how to make millions from Adwords when they don't even teach you the fundamentals to having a profitable campaign. You can't teach someone to run a marathon before they can walk!

Did you ever hear anyone saying Google Adwords is a simple system? If you did, then most likely it came from someone that has already mastered the adwords system, or it came from someone who does not even use the system. I must tell you, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. With a growing system like Google Adwords there is constant learning involved in order to stay above the competition.

Here is what you will discover
in just minutes from now...
The precise steps that must be taken in order to setup a campaign properly - CRUCIAL!
1 sneaky trick you can do with Adwords to see inside your market and find out exactly what they want to buy from you!
The single biggest mistake that people make which renders all their hard work useless - and they don't even notice! (until they crash and burn when they run out of money and have no sales to show for it)
The 7 quick fixes you need to help you get an awesome quality score so Google will absolutely love your campaign!
The most important part of your whole campaign which will make or break you more than anything else (It's not the product)
The types of keywords you MUST use if you ever want to make some profit...
The exact wording that changed an ad with a 1% click through rate to a 19% click through rate overnight!
The ONLY time you should be in position 1 (steer clear of it apart from at this time!)
And So Much More!
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When you become an Adwords Master...
ultra targeted traffic is no longer
a problem for you!

Let's face it, getting traffic is not as easy as one might think, the good traffic anyway. You could write a load of articles, mess around with your site trying to optimize it for the search engines for a few months, or... you could just plug yourself into the raging river of highly targeted traffic flowing through Google every second and siphon it off for yourself!

I'm not saying it's easy, but it is a lot easier than most out there making it out to be. They read a couple of posts in a forum, think they know enough and just come out all guns blazing and bidding as high as possible and sitting back thinking they are king of the adwords hill as they are in the number 1 spot... while spending a fortune to be there.

Meanwhile you can be the shark, the person who knows you don't want position 1 anyway. You sit closely underneath collecting all the cash the idiot at position one is missing. Of course he will soon be replaced by another person doing the same, as he loses all his (or her) money, but you'll be just sat there letting them do their thing. They are oblivious to the profits they could be making!

You're going to learn the secrets of the clever campaigners. How to test your adverts and landing pages so your profits will only increase over time as your advert and your page convert more and more people into customers for you 24/7


Iron Clad 60 Day Guarantee

I know the power this book has to change your traffic worries and increase your Adwords knowledge forever.

So the risk is totally on me, if you are not absolutely thrilled with the results of this book then at any time within 60 days just send me an email and I will arrange to refund the full price to you - No questions asked!


Did you know people are having their wallets eaten alive by Adwords every single day -
Don't you be one of them!


If reading this book stops you making one of the major Adwords mistakes, or helps you to double your click-through rate, what would it be worth to you? $197.00? $97.00 perhaps? If you build your campaign wrong or ignore the advice in the book you can waste so much more than that! I have wasted thousands of dollars when I first "jumped" into it 'learning' what to do and what not to do! The first time out with the animal I made $10,000...but I spent $20,000...but that was before, and I put it down to a "learning experience" The secret to it is: to become a master at it before you dive in!!!

In this book is priceless information that could help you out so much and shows you how to handle Adwords. I don't want to price it out of most people's reach, so the price is a very low and one time payment of $9.95 + You get Master Resale Rights! You'll get your hands on some of the best Adwords information around at a pittance of other guides.

$9.95 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on 'Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain' and start using it right away to improve your business! 

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In
"Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain"


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There's no doubt about it, if you can master Adwords then you can be secure in the knowledge you have skill that will look after you and your business for the rest of your life!

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To Your Adwords Success,
David O Connell


P.S. Don't forget I shoulder ALL the risk here, if you are absolutely blown away by the effect of the information on your campaigns then you don't pay a penny - it's as simple as that!

P.P.S  Every second you don't have this information you are gushing money out of your bank account and into Google's hands - make a stand and take back control now!

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